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Included here are some links to some more great DOCTOR WHO related sites out there. If you would like your site or blog added then feel free to get in touch through the comments section below.

Great geek news, reviews site (and I write for them occasionally).

I often do Doctor Who reviews for this site (as well as other stuff too)

Excellent reviews and a top bloke to boot!

Collection of amazing pictures from Dr Who & Torchwood filming

The most frequently updated website about the actor David Tennant. 

One boy's adventure through time and space

News & articles from the guys who put together the DVDs and make the past come alive!

Great place to find up a news round~up

Better Living Through Junk Culture

News from Who, Torchwood and SJA 

Home to the famously entertaining and diverting podcast

The Art of Doctor Who

News, reviews, exclusive interviews and a forum!

French fan site for all things Doctor Who

Dr Who news, images, discussion and episode guides

Nostalgia blog looking back at Who repeats on UK Gold...

Doctor Who Spoilers
Great collection of spoilers for the upcoming series

After Darkness
Great Sci~Fi forum

Doctor John Smith's Cottage
Extraordinary collection of a huge Doctor Who fan who died in 2009 - includes life sized TARDIS and Dalek.

Best British TV A celebration of the Best British TV shows

A virtual meeting place for Whovians the world over, just what twitter was made for

Fan site for Karen Gillan

Two-Minute Time Lord
Speedy Doctor Who commentary!

Fan site for the actress

11th Doctor blog with giveaways

Wonderings in the Fourth Dimension
A Doctor Who Episode Blog

Why Run To The TARDIS?
Everything you could ever want to know about everything there is to know about Doctor Who.

TARDIS Musings  
A personal take on all things Doctor Who.

Marlow Inc.
Illustrative collection of Doctors and companions.

Doctor Who Online
One of the oldest and bestest Who sites

Television blog

Billie Piper Online
Fansite for the actress

MY Doctor Who
Personal fan blog

Cosplay site

Police Box
A guide to finding REAL Police Boxes 

Talking Who
Live Doctor Who YouTube show

Planet Mondas
News, reviews & forum  

The Cult Den
News, reviews on opinions on all things Cult

The Gallifrey Times
Fan site with news and reviews 

The Whovians Hub
Facebook fan page


Anonymous said...

Cameron McEwan said...

Consider it done!

Mark said...

Thanks for the link, it's much appreciated. I'm a regular visitor of this site and absolutely love it, keep up the brillaint work. :)

A Police Box said...

could you post a link to my site please it's

Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

Anonymous said...

Can I ask for a link to

Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

Jason Garrattley said...

I'd be most grateful if you added my Tumblr site,

Ancient and Forever
The Art of Doctor Who


Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

Nebula One said...

Please could you link Nebula One. It would be appreciated!


Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

Sinatra The Tank said...

Love the blog my Blog runs a fair bit of Who related stuff (reviews, news, etc...) and also all sorts of nerdy fun. I'f you could put a like to "Nerds Like Stuff" it would be great and i'd also put up a link to Blogtor Who if thats cool to? Thanks!

Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

Iain said...

If you could see your way to linking to The Thumbcast, we'd be ever so appreciative!

Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

DAM said...

Can we be include please? :) DAM Doctor Who Brand new fan made audios and videos featuring two original fan Doctors

Cameron McEwan said...

'Tis done!

JDW said... just something i made last month ;)

WHOGOLD said...

Could you kindly add WhoGold to your list? It's a nostalgia blog looking back at Who repeats on UK Gold...

Love your site, an invaluable read! :)

Cameron McEwan said...


Brilliant stuff, really impressive!

Especially lurve the TRON top.


Many thanks, I just discovered your site a couple of weeks ago through the interview with Glen Allan.

A wonderful project you've got there for those of us who spent years trying to tape every Who story possible on UK Gold,

Anonymous said...

Doctor Who Türkiye
It's First and the Biggest Doctor Who Fan Network in Turkey

Quotable Doctor Who said...

Have added you as a link to "Quotable Doctor Who Quotes - Who Said What About Dr Who" blog site at ...

Would love to have you link back to us. Thanks ...

Roll on Series 6 !

Cameron McEwan said...


Turkey Fan network link added!


Link added, many thanks for addding me. Very much appreciated.

Irredeemable Dad said...

I've linked back to you in the past.


DJToad said...

could add my site to the links pls :)

Cameron McEwan said...

Irredeemable Dad

Links added guys, many thanks!

stevenuk1988 said...

Please could you add my site to the linkg pleaseee :)

Kieran Kinsella said...

Can you link it has lots of good interviews with Dr Who folks

Cameron McEwan said...

Done and done!

Ellis said...

Could you Add the Doctor Who Bar Please?
We have linked you back and have a small review :)

Anonymous said...

Can you add my blog to your list please? I've just started.

Anonymous said...

Karen Gillan Fan -

Arthur Darvill Online -

Frazer said...

I wouldn't mind seeing A Relative Dimension in Space on here : :]

gallifreyuk said...

Hi Blogtor,
You probably won't have come across us before and granted we are only a few month's old but we've had a great interest in our site from a few of the more established podcasters and more importantly, the enjoyment I get from creating and adding to the site is second to none. We are new, however, We are massive Who fans and would really appreciate a link to our site Of course take a look and We understand there are bigger fish out there, but We'd like to move up in the pond!
Thanks for your time,

Anonymous said...

Hi could you add mine to your list and i will do the same back its

Anonymous said...

What about Dr Who Online?

mellis said...

Fancy publicising my new site? hhtp://

Jill said...


We're good people who love Davey T too! We'd love a link:


EBCBroadcasting said...

Please can you put my website on your list :)

I make my own episodes and versions of Doctor Who and would really appreciate it! :)

Chip@2MTL said...

Two-minute Time Lord podcast at ? Brief (usually!) podcast commentaries and reviews?


Alan J Woodward said...

Would absolutely love a link if possible?

We are the Georgia Moffett Fan Site - the definitive website for fans of Georgia Moffett (Jenny from The Doctor's Daughter).

Many thanks!

David said...

Hi, I've recently started a blog and have linked it to your fantastic site.

Championing the lesser lights and dimmer stars of the Doctor Who universe.

Would love it if you could link back.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it would be really nice and helpful if you could link my fan site, ive linked yours on my links page :)

helygen said...


I'd like to recommend and

The first is the most frequently updated site devoted to David Tennant, and the second regularly features Karen Gillan, David Tennant, and other Scots actors who have appeared in Doctor Who.


Phil said...

Hi Cameron,

Would you be able to include our site and podcast on your list of illustrious links? It's:



Who-Natic said...

Hi - could you post a link my blog - it's mainly 11 related:

Regular giveaways etc.


Emrys Matthews said...

My sweet Blogtor could you please add a link to my site too.

Ben said...

Can you please add my blog

It's updated weekly if not daily.

This would be greatly appreciated.

DJ-Topad said...

Could you please post a link for the New Team Endo Artwork Forum

GerryD said...

Would appreciate you adding a link to my blog. A bit of news but generally personal thoughts on Who, past and present. Have added Blogtor to mine. Keep up the great work.

Chris Griffin said...

Doctor Who @ 50.
Here's a growing illustrative collection of Doctors and companions:

Tv-ooh said...

Hello, it would be great if you could link to my blog. It's called and frequently features Doctor Who and Doctor Who-related stuff, alongside other tv shows.

Mandy said...

Hi! :) I was wondering if you would like to affiliate with ? Will add u on our links page. No problem if not. Love your blog!!

Cade Cowan said...

I write reviews and top ten lists and fan fiction , this is my site thank you for your consideration

MDWR56 said...
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Marsh Minnows said...

Hi there! Any chance of a link to Marsh Minnows, my Doctor Who blog?

mydoctor1962 said...

I have a new doctor who blog site called "My Doctor Who Blog" a personal journey of me and the Program.

David said...

Hello! This is a link request for my Tardis Fashion site,

Thank you!

DrWhoBlog said...

Exchange links?

We'll have you here

Elle J said...

I post Doctor Who, and Doctor Who related articles pretty frequently. Could my site be added?

Dr Lune said...

Please add my Police Box site. It's all about where you can see a real Police Box. Thanks.

steve taylor-bryant said...

I'd appreciate @TheCultDen being added please Cameron.

Cameron McEwan said...


Trev said...

Hi there.

A while back you very kindly added my site Police Box at

Well I now have a new web address and would be very grateful if you could alter the link. The new address is

Many Thanks.