Sunday, June 8, 2008

DAVID TENNANT - 'The Andrew Marr Show'

Here's an appearance by DAVID TENNANT on today's edition of THE ANDREW MARR SHOW. It is split into four parts, with the first being an introduction to the show. Parts 2 and 3 are DT's segment of the who whilst Part 4 sees Davey T on the couch along with BORIS JOHNSON. Be warned though, the last past features a DALEK with a limp plunger.






Noblelox said...

I thought this was dire, absolute dire television, right from the get-go with the howling continuity error of Andrew Marr walking off camera and David Tennant walking on, only for the camera to have swung around 40 degrees.. Marr maybe a good political correspondent and part-time Doctor Who guest turn, but he cannot interview someone for toffee!!

BLOGTOR said...

It's very hard to take him seriously as a political commentator. And I'm talking about Andrew Marr here.

His handling of BoJo was poor.

Still, I s'pose not many people see it on a Sunday morning so they don't seem to care for production values.