Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UK Listings Magazine Round~Up

TV GUIDE - Cover TV GUIDE - Inside

That's the cover and the WHO~related contents of this week's TV GUIDE (a UK listings magazine). Click on the pics for access to bigger versions.


That's the cover of this week's TV & SATELLITE WEEK (a UK listings magazine) and here's what you can find inside:

TV & SATELLITE WEEK - Inside [part 1] TV & SATELLITE WEEK - Inside [part 1]

Next up is the cover of this week's RADIO TIMES (a UK listings magazine) as revealed yesterday.


Here's what you can find in its four pages of WHO~goodness.

RADIO TIMES - Inside [Part 1]RADIO TIMES - Inside [Part 2]

RADIO TIMES - Inside [Part 3]RADIO TIMES - Inside [Part 4]


Anonymous said...


Is there a way I could read what the contents of the magazines say, without having to buy them? I've got the Radio Times since that is what my parents buy, but I'm interested in what the other articles say as well.

Thanks for any help.

Cameron McEwan said...


If you click on the pics you'll find that the bigger versions are readable. Use the 'All Sizes' feature on Flickr.

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

"she still loves him"

SQUEEE! I was a bit worried they'd do a Martha job on her and make her love someone else.

arwyn-t said...

Thank you so much for these articles! They are a sight for poor sore non-UK eyes!

BLOGTOR said...

It's a pleasure arwyn-t!

We are rather spoiled with DW material here.

Gamwyn said...

Thanks so much for the scans! Very much appreciated. I'm getting SO excited for Turn Left. Is it Saturday yet???

BLOGTOR said...

Not yet, wish I had a TARDIS!

Megan said...

Hi Cameron,

A big request, I have a little (tiny, really) DW blog, may I post your pictures? At the moment I have a link directing to your site, but pictures would be 'cooler'.


BLOGTOR said...

Hi Megan,

Feel free to use them. All I ask is that when you use content that you credit and link this site.

Many thanks for spreading the word of BLOGTOR!

Megan said...

No problem! Your site is awesome, and so is Jess's at Planet Gallifrey!

BLOGTOR said...

BLOGTOR also loves Planet Gallifrey, top site!