Here follows a list of info that has been forwarded to BLOGTOR TOWERS regarding the 2009 SPECIALS. The info we've included comes from sources who have been correct (or very nearly) in the past so these tidbits should be considered as SPOILERS. Of course, info/casting can change and the specials aren't being filmed until January so some points may not turn out as stated here.

• The first special is to be televised in April 2009. Running time is an hour.

• The second special will be broadcast on Christmas Day and, again, will be an hour.

• The other two specials will be 45 minutes each and hit the small screen sometime between Boxing Day and January 1st 2010. To clarify - the fourth '2009 Special' may actually be broadcast in 2010.


CATHERINE TATE and BERNARD CRIBBINS are to return as Donna Noble and Wilf respectively.

JOHN SIMM is to return reprising his role as THE MASTER.

BRIAN BLESSED is star in one of the specials. It is not clear if he is reprising the role of Yrcanos.

GEORGIA MOFFETT is returning as The Doctor's daughter, Jenny.

THE SEA DEVILS are making a return. They were last seen in the 1984 story WARRIORS OF THE DEEP.

PAUL MCGANN has been said to return as The Eight Doctor by some sources though others (all trusted) say this is not the case but they haven't ruled it out either.

And lastly, another CHILDREN IN NEED special? Could be. Set to appear are: PETER DAVISON, SYLVESTER MCCOY and COLIN BAKER. This has not been sourced as thoroughly as the above bits of info so don't get too excited about it.

For info and pictures from the 2008 Christmas Special, click HERE.

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