Thursday, September 25, 2008


DAVID TENNANT triumphed in last night's TONY's SHADOW EMMY AWARDS. He won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SARAH JANE ADVENTURES - "Radio Times" Feature

RADIO TIMES - "Sarah Jane Adventures" Feature

This week's edition of the RADIO TIMES, a UK televisions listings magazine has a double page spread (pictured above) on the DOCTOR WHO spin~off, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES. It's a behind~the~scenes look at the set and details some of the props in the background. In it we also learn:

The Trickster makes a return in SERIES 2.
Sarah Jane goes back in time to visit her parents.

DALEK SEC - Hot Water Bottle Cover & Pyjama Case

DALEK SEC - Hot Water Bottle Cover/Pyjama Case

That's a pic of the new DALEK SEC Hot Water Bottle Cover & Pyjama Case. It also comes with SOUND FX featuring familiar Dalek expressions and the DOCTOR WHO theme tune. Click on the pics for bigger versions or get it at the store HERE.

DALEK SEC - Hot Water Bottle Cover/Pyjama Case

"The Next Doctor"

In a BBC press release today, the title of this year's Christmas Special has been announced - it is The Next Doctor. The statement also reveals plans for this year's CHILDREN IN NEED; a competition to win a tour round the UPPER BOAT studios.


Monday, September 22, 2008


Here's a couple of pictures from a deleted scene from the SERIES 4 finale, JOURNEY'S END. These images are included in the RTD book, The Writer's Tale. The scene, deemed unsuitable by the production team, will form part of the extras on the SERIES 4 DVD boxset.


This Friday THE CHRIS MOYLES SHOW will be broadcasting from the TARDIS set in Cardiff. The DJ promises:

• A launch for "something special" for this year's CHILDREN IN NEED
• Interviews with RTD in the studio whilst DAVID TENNANT and BILLIE PIPER will join them on the phone.

You can hear it on BBC RADIO 1 from 6.30 AM in the UK. It can also be heard online around the world. Here is the announcement in full, be warned - it contains the inane ramblings of Chris Moyles and chums. Though it does include a specially recorded message by a DALEK.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ALBERT FINNEY in 2009 Special

News has reached BLOGTOR TOWERS that ALBERT FINNEY is joining the cast in one of the 2009 Specials. In the most recent DWM it was revealed, by RTD, that two big names have been cast - Finney is one of them. It is not known who he is playing but sources say he is playing WINSTON CHURCHILL, a role he has already played on television in THE GATHERING STORM. Earlier this year JUSTIN RICHARDS, author of a number of DOCTOR WHO novels, revealed HERE that the production team wanted to use the ex~Prime Minister in a future story thereby vetoing the use of Churchill in his own story.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


SILVA SCREEN have announced via their website that the soundtrack to SERIES 4 of DOCTOR WHO will be released in November. The tracklisting and street date have not been confirmed.


Up Close Exhibition - A Review

Visit THIS link for a review of the UP CLOSE EXHIBITION in Cardiff. You can also view galleries of it HERE and some of our snaps of DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD related locations HERE.

HostMillenium Centre


The BBFC has confirmed that a trailer for the E~SPACE TRILOGY will accompany the DVD release of Battlefield in December. Assuming the pattern follows as normal then the TOM BAKER stories from 1980 and 1981 will hit UK shops in January.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DWM 400 Cover

That's the cover of the 400th issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, it 'hits' the shops tomorrow.

"The Writer's Tale" - More Extracts

Visit THIS link for even more extracts from the upcoming book from RUSSELL T DAVIES entitled A Writer's Tale, published on 25 Sept. This extract includes a rather detailed look at this year's Christmas Special, as well as possible titles, and should be considered SPOILERY in nature. In it we also find out:

STEVEN MOFFAT began work of the first episode of SERIES 5 back in January
KATE WINSLET was the first choice for River Song

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

THE STOLEN EARTH - Action Figure Set

Out now, from Character Options, is THE STOLEN EARTH Gift Set featuring Davros; the Supreme Dalek; a Crucible Dalek; and The Tenth Doctor. You can see more pictures of it HERE and get it at the store HERE.


"The Writer's Tale" - More Extracts

There follows some pictures of the upcoming book from RUSSELL T DAVIES entitled A Writer's Tale. THIS link tells us it's "an addictive read". One chapter appears to be called Bastards. It is published by BBC BOOKS on 25 Sept. Click on the pix below for bigger versions.

Xmas Merchandise Already!

DR WHO 3D MUG - Dalek Sec

Yup, hitting stores now is a 3D CERAMIC DALEK SEC mug complete with Milk Chocolate Pralines and Mallow. As with previous Mug Combos, this has been produced by BONBON BUDDIES. Get it at the BLOGTOR WHO store HERE.

DR WHO 3D MUG - Dalek Sec

Monday, September 15, 2008


In further extracts from A Writer's Tale showrunner RTD has revealed his choice for The Eleventh Doctor - RUSSELL TOVEY. He may be already fmailiar to some DOCTOR WHO fans as he appeared in VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED as Midshipman Frame. You can read the article HERE.

ETA: The BBC are now reporting this story HERE. Some 12 hours after you first read it here...

"The Writer's Tale" Preview

THE TIMES online have posted an extract from the upcoming RTD book, A WRITER'S TALE. You can view it HERE. In it you'll read some interesting remarks including:

DENNIS HOPPER nearly joined the cast of last year's Christmas Special
JK ROWLING was almost the subject of this year's Christmas Special

Lastly, the 400th issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE has been embargoed until Thursday so subscribers and retail buyers will receive the magazine simultaneously. This has sparked debate that it features an important statement regarding the show.


DAVID TENNANT has received another nomination in the US for his role as The Doctor. He has been nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series by TIME OUT NEW YORK for their SHADOW EMMY AWARDS. The ceremony takes place on Sept 21, 2008. You can read about the awards, and vote, HERE.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HAMLET - A Review

For a full review of the current RSC production of HAMLET, featuring DAVID TENNANT, by the staff here at BLOGTOR TOWERS then please visit THIS link. Be warned - it contains opinions!

Friday, September 12, 2008


According to THIS article the BBC has denied that PAUL MCGANN is returning to the show as The Eighth Doctor, a spokesperson said: "There is no truth to the story at all." Meanwhile, inside sources say that he is definitely involved in one of the specials.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

BILLIE PIPER - Jo Whiley Interview

There follows an interview with BILLIE PIPER that took place this morning on the JO WHILEY show on BBC RADIO 1. Be warned - there's a clip of THE X FACTOR in there and they talk about child~birth at some length. She talks about DOCTOR WHO and the 'movie' in the second part as well as kissing DAVID TENNANT.


SPIKE.COM has just released its list of nominees for SCREAM 2008 (awards that honour the 'best' in sci~fi, fantasy, horror and comics) and DAVID TENNANT has been nominated in the category, BEST ACTOR: SCIENCE FICTION. The award ceremony takes place on 21st October and will be broadcast on SPIKE TV. You can place your vote for him HERE.

BILLIE PIPER - Steve Wright Interview

There follows an interview with BILLIE PIPER that was conducted on STEVE WRIGHT IN THE AFTERNOON. It was broadcast today on BBC RADIO 2 and comes in two parts. - the second part features her thoughts on the return of ROSE TYLER. Be warned: this interview features the ramblings of Steve Wright and his 'posse' along with the words 'sexy drama'.


UK 'newspaper' THE SUN is reporting HERE that PAUL MCGANN will be back in one of the specials next year. It says that The Eighth Doctor will start filming in "October or November". As always with this 'publication', the story should be taken lightly but it does correspond with rumours posted HERE last month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DOCTOR WHO/TORCHWOOD - Children In Need Special?

According to the new TORCHWOOD magazine there are plans afoot for a "one off event" combining DOCTOR WHO and its spin~off to coincide with this year's CHILDREN IN NEED.

TORCHWOOD - Big Bang Day

As part of the BIG BANG DAY today, BBC RADIO 4 are broadcasting an exclusive episode of TORCHWOOD. The story, Lost Souls, has been written by Joseph Lidster and will be broadcast at 2.15pm in the UK and is available worldwide through the BBC RADIO 4 website. Here's a synopsis:

The Torchwood team go to Geneva, where former time-traveller Martha Jones is now working as a doctor at the world's biggest physics laboratory, CERN. Deep in an underground tunnel, a giant particle accelerator is about to be activated for the first time. But something strange is happening. Scientists are hearing voices and collapsing with a strange illness. Is something lurking in the tunnel?

You can download the episode from HERE. It is available for the next seven days.


There follows the video that was shown at last night's TV QUICK AWARDS recorded by DAVID TENNANT on winning his award. Be warned: he makes reference to the TV show Loose Women. You can also find the latest 'story' on DOCTOR WHO from UK tabloid THE SUN regarding the proposed movie HERE.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There follows two interviews with CATHERINE TATE from last night's TV QUICK AWARDS; the first is from ITN and the second is from the PRESS ASSOCIATION.


At last night's TV QUICK AWARDS, which took place in London's Dorchester hotel, DOCTOR WHO scooped three awards. CATHERINE TATE was there to accept Best Actress for her role as Donna Noble.

DAVID TENNANT, for the second consecutive year, won Best Actor but was not present to enjoy the accolade. Instead, BERNARD CRIBBINS accepted the award on his behalf.

And finally, the show itself was awarded Best Loved Drama for the third year. In less real news, THE SUN is reporting that CATHERINE ZETA~JONES is a target for a movie version of the hit sci~fi television series; you can read the story HERE.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


There will be no news for a few days from BLOGTOR TOWERS as the staff are taking some time off to go and see DAVID TENNANT playing Hamlet in Stratford. In the meantime, why not check out the AUDIO and VIDEO sections which have some excellent features. Finally here is another promotional picture from SERIES 2 of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES which starts broadcasting in the UK on September 29.



That's one side of a huge EXCLUSIVE poster that was made available through a mail in offer by the UK publication, the RADIO TIMES. Above you can see DAVROS with some DALEK chums whilst pictured below is the SUPREME DALEK. Click on the pics for bigger versions or get it at the store HERE.



Coming up is a feature from BBCi, made available by hitting the 'Red Button' on TV remotes. It's a CBBC programme called Me & My Movie Monday and documents behind~the~scenes activities on the second series of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES. There are interviews with Sound Mixer Julian Haworth and star of the show, THOMAS KNIGHT.

BILLIE PIPER in "Secret Diary Of A Call Girl"

Here are some promotional pictures of BILLIE PIPER from the second series of SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL. It is due to hit UK screens on ITV2 on September 11. Click on the pix for bigger versions.