Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Complete 'Specials' On DVD

Coming up in the new year are some new DVD releases from 2|entertain. Hitting stores on 11th January will be the following:

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials
Box set including The Next Doctor, Planet of The Dead, Waters of Mars and the last two winter specials.

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials Blu-ray
Contents as above

Doctor Who: Waters of Mars and Winter Specials

The last three specials

Thanks to 2|entertain


JoelC said...

What I want to know is, will 'The Complete Specials' have extras, or will it just be the current vanilla releases packaged together? Because that will determine whether I get rid of my 2 'specials' dvds and get the 'complete specials' or I just get the 3 pack of WOM etc.

Cameron McEwan said...

Sorry, no news on any extras as of yet. There should be an official statement from 2|entertain coming up in the next week regarding the DVDs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder... if The Next Doctor is included on the Blu-Ray Complete Specials set, does that mean it was produced in HD too, or has it just been upconverted for this release?

Anonymous said...

Are these part of the DVD covers for the specials?

Is there a website where I can view the full covers?

Cameron McEwan said...

These are just temporary artworks for the DVD released by 2|entertain.

Kal-El 38 said...

Is it just me, or does David look glassy-eyed in the "Winter Specials" picture? Almost as if he (As The Doctor) is saying "Goodbye" and is starting to well up with emotion?

Then again, I could just be transferring MY feelings about David's Departure into the picture, and giving more importance to a light reflection in his eye than needs be. :)

Cameron McEwan said...

No, he's definitely got a tear in the eye.