Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DAVID TENNANT presents "Never Mind The Buzzcocks"

Hot off the Twitter from PHIL JUPITUS is the news that DAVID TENNANT is presenting an 'episode' of NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS to be broadcast at a later date. The music 'quiz' show was recorded earlier this evening.



mylandro said...

It's this Thursdays episode! Yay!

Cameron McEwan said...

Sorry, but it's not this week's episode (which moved to Wednesdays as of last week incidentally). It's presented by Claudia Winkleman tonight.

Word is that this episode will air on the 25th Nov. More news as it is announced

Cameron McEwan said...

Looks like it's the Christmas episode.

Bree said...

Cool, finally a good Co Host. -It has been a pretty lame season of the show so far.
Random: LOL on the pic it looks as if David is wearing an earring in his right ear haha.