Sunday, November 15, 2009

Van Gogh Casting News

RICHARD CURTIS has revealed in an interview that the actor TONY CURRAN is to play the part of VINCENT VAN GOGH in his story for the series next year. He also states that filming for this episode starts in "about a month".
"Well, we’ve got a brilliant guy playing Vincent van Gogh – which is who it’s about – who you should look up on YouTube. He’s a guy called Tony Curran, who really could not look more like. He’s a wonderful actor who was in this brilliant movie called Red Road that came out, a rather serious movie. But he’s going to be great. I’ve had a lot of fun. We start to shoot in about a month."

Read the full interview HERE.


Brittles said...

Brilliant! He definitely has the look of Vincent van Gogh!

Lilith said...

I was hoping he cast Bill Nighy (not as Van Gogh, but surely there's more characters), but this guy looks great fot Van Gogh.

Ron said...

Just get the Dutch accent right and don't let him sound like a German and I'm a happy camper.