My Trousers Are Impaired!
As things start hotting up again in the world of Who, for its return on April 3, here's a round~up of the latest news.

New Teaser Trailer [video]
Episode 6 (Vampires of Venice) script extract
MATT SMITH & STEVEN MOFFAT on Blue Peter [video]
New Doctor & Amy promo image


Doctor Who Magazine 419 cover
Radio Times 2005-2010 special
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 1]
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 2]
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 3]
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 4]


DAVID TENNANT in Of Mice & Men [promo pic]
Newsnight feature: "Dr Who VS Mrs Thatcher" [video]
ANTHONY HEAD talks about auditioning for the role of The Doctor [audio]
Torchwood online comic

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