Sunday, February 21, 2010


My Trousers Are Impaired!
As things start hotting up again in the world of Who, for its return on April 3, here's a round~up of the latest news.

New Teaser Trailer [video]
Episode 6 (Vampires of Venice) script extract
MATT SMITH & STEVEN MOFFAT on Blue Peter [video]
New Doctor & Amy promo image


Doctor Who Magazine 419 cover
Radio Times 2005-2010 special
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 1]
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 2]
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 3]
It's a Doctor Who Easter! [part 4]


DAVID TENNANT in Of Mice & Men [promo pic]
Newsnight feature: "Dr Who VS Mrs Thatcher" [video]
ANTHONY HEAD talks about auditioning for the role of The Doctor [audio]
Torchwood online comic

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DecadentGent said...

Where on earth did that new image come from?

Cameron McEwan said...

It's from the cover of a new book coming out later this year.

Anonymous said...

Is somewhere the whole picture?

The Whovian said...

where did you get that image from?

Anonymous said...

Please where you get that picture?

Azalea said...

I don't mean to be a prude, but I believe the term is 'heating' not 'hotting.' Just FYI.