Twitter Poll #1 - Results!

Over the last day or so we've been running a poll over on Twitter. The question was...

What was the FIRST baddie/monster in DOCTOR WHO that scared you?

...and there were some fascinating entries.
Some of you were scared by BONNIE LANGFORD, some feared COLIN BAKER'S JACKET whilst others hid behind the sofa when CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON got naked in Dalek... Just missing out on a place in the Top Eleven were ELDRAD, THE SEA DEVILS and the YETI. Here are the final results:

=10. Vashta Nerada and The Midnight Monster
Joint at the bottom of the Top Ten are two very similar Who "villains". Seemingly, one of the benefits of a 'credit crunch' are invisible enemies that put the willies up you lot more than Davros! The Vashta Nerada are the first of three creations from the mind of Steven Moffat to feature at the top.

9. Sutekh
This cove popped up in 1975's Pyramids of Mars, starring Tom Baker (who gathered a few votes himself in the poll), with some purty scary mummies too.

8. Giant Maggots
Blimey the 70s were a rough time - not only was The Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, stuck on Earth for a while but we had to put up with Giant flippin' Maggots! They called it The Green Death but judging by the state of my trousers, I'd call it the brown death...

7. Scaroth
Lesson No.1 in Doctor Who - you can't eff around with time. You do, you die and only The Doctor gets away with it. City of Death shows the last of the Jaggaroth split throughout the ages getting multiple copies of the Mona Lisa produced though he may have been better off getting his head not to wobble so much. Still, scared the Buck Rogers outta me as a child!

6. Wirrn
Indomitable! That's what Tommy B calls the human race in The Ark In Space but that was before he had to put up with the bubble wrap from hell and some pesky giant insects. A truly classic "monster" that would be welcome back any day.

5. Autons
Just like these little bastids! Though the Autons helped the return of the show in 2005, they were ensuring no toys were left in the bedroom at night back in 1970. But, going on even further back...

4. Cybermen
Their first appearance saw the end of William Hartnell as The First Doctor and the start of nightmares for some of you. The Tenth Planet and Tomb of the Cybermen proved to be their most popular starting point but no one name~checked Earthshock - perhaps because an even bigger horror lurked in that story, ADRIC! (He only got three votes.)

3. The Empty Child
Or "Gas Mask Zombies" as most of you called it. (What a great name for a band!) The Moff's first serious outing in Who had the under tens shaking with fear and the over forties shaking their fists and needlessly derailing every thread on the internet complaining about a certain agenda. Gayness? In Doctor Who?? How very dare they...?

2. Daleks
Visit for more info on these tiresome little guys. Actually, they're still incredibly popular and scaring new generations every time they appear. Wouldn't mind a pair of those Dalek~bumps myself...

1. Weeping Angels
And winning by a HUGE margin are the non~killing bad guys from the The Moff's finest moment, Blink (actually I prefer The Girl In The Fireplace but, hey, that's just me). In fact, their votes are greater than the Daleks and The Empty Child put together! sassypackrat said, "I couldn't sleep and had nightmares afterwards" whilst _badwolf commented "I screamed the house down the first time I saw them. Creepy spooky monsters, they are." Included above is the "sequel" to their first outing, posted by the BBC during the run~up to Christmas.