DOCTOR WHO in "Sidekick Stories"

Earlier tonight, BBC Four screened Sidekick Stories, a show celebrating the TV sidekick. You can see the Doctor Who part of it below the synopsis:
Narrated by Catherine Tate (Donna Noble to David Tennant's Dr Who), Sidekick Stories looks at the role of the assistant/companion on television, from drama to sitcom, and light entertainment to children's programmes. What are the literary antecedents of the TV sidekick - and who's the greatest of them all? What's the dramatic function of the game show hostess? Did the That's Life reporters feel emasculated? How do you create a memorable robot? And what's it like playing straight man to a puppet?

We examine the role of the companion in Dr Who (the man with the most sidekicks in TV history) and reveal the hidden talents of the magician's assistant. There's Edward Hardwicke on how to play Dr Watson; Andrew Sachs on the enduring appeal of Manuel, and Isla St Clair on life as 'principal boy' to Larry Grayson's 'dame'.

See the Who~related part of the show in the player below - it includes interviews with DAVID TENNANT (The Tenth Doctor), ELISABETH SLADEN (Sarah Jane Smith) and JOHN LEESON (the voice of K9) amongst others. Be warned - this clip features scenes from K9 & Company...

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