Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Series 5 Titles & SJA News

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, available now, has revealed some more information about the upcoming series starring MATT SMITH as The Eleventh Doctor. STEVEN MOFFAT has listed some new episode titles (though he did add they could change), here they are:

Episode 4: The Time of Angels
[see filming pictures HERE, HERE and HERE]

Episode 5: Flesh & Stone
[see filming pictures HERE, HERE and HERE]

Episode 6: Vampires in Venice
[Read a script extract HERE]

The next series of Doctor Who starts on UK TV, April 3 with The Eleventh Hour which, according to the magazine, has a running time of almost 65 minutes. DWM 419 also announces that The Sarah Jane Adventures will be back for a fourth series with the regular cast and stories written by PHIL FORD (The Waters Of Mars), GARETH ROBERTS (The Unicorn & The Wasp), JOSEPH LIDSTER (The Mad Woman In The Attic), RUPERT LAIGHT (The Gift) and CLAYTON HICKMAN (former DWM editor). Filming is scheduled to begin at the end of March.

ETA: The BBC have announced that The Sarah Jane Adventures has been commissioned for a further two series with the fifth airing in 2011.


MWProffitt said...

Is that a Blackberry I see in the hands of the new Doctor?

Farsighted said...

Who the hell is Rory??? :D

Anonymous said...

Awww. The Doctor looks so confused about the phone. :D

Stephanie said...

AHAHAHAHA Farsighted. :D

(this be Erisi)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or from the neck up does Rory look like a cardboard cut-out?

Chris said...

Thats totally a BB, 8900 if Im not mistaken... (I work for Vodafone in their Tech Support... the shapes drummed into me).

Hahaha, quality!

Cant wait

Anna said...

LURVED these photos, and since the torrential rains here in Los Angeles kept me inside this morning, thought I'd play with 'em in Photoshop a little. Results can be found at:

...where I credit your essential page for their origin. (Wish Moff/Beeb'd put out some more hi-rez promo shots, already!)