Tuesday, March 16, 2010

STEVEN MOFFAT - Radio Times interview

The new edition of the UK television listings magazine, Radio Times, has an exclusive interview with the new Doctor Who 'showrunner' STEVEN MOFFAT. In it he talks about the new series, Steven Spielberg and "pimping the Doctor's ride".... Click on the pics below for bigger versions.

Radio Times - Moffat interview [Page 1]Radio Times - Moffat interview [Page 2]


Anonymous said...

Richard Curtis?? That sounds... promising. I hope he'll put a little of that old Blackadder silliness into the script, I love the occasional goofy episode.
can't wait till Easter!

A WHOngarian fan (my GOD what an awful pun)

Cameron McEwan said...

You can find out more about the Richard Curtis episode on Blogtor:


Farsighted said...

actually, while it's probably got a lot of humor (after all, the writer is known for comedy), from what I've read it's probably one of the more serious episodes; it's supposed to be quite touching.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Mini-Moff. <3