Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doctor Who on "SeeSaw"

Online service SeeSaw are now offering many episodes of Doctor Who to watch legally, and more importantly, for free. A number of stories from the 'classic' era (including The Caves of Androzani and Tomb of the Cybermen) can be watched free of charge whereas episodes from the 'new' series can be rented from £1.19 each (or £9.99 for a whole series). Episodes from spin~off show Torchwood are also available to watch. Their collection is constantly growing so expect to see some more stories from the 'classic' and 'new' series in the future.


Pickwick12 said...

UK only, I see. I guess I shouldn't complain since we have Netflix instant and hulu, but I do wish it was available to us across the pond.

Scardis said...

There are a few services that provide this, Youtube do a few (yes legally), As do MSN Video, but they are all UK Only, Blinkbox on the other hand let Republic of Ireland viewers in on the game.