REVIEW: Revisitations DVD box set

Revisitations 1 DVD box set
Release Date: Oct 4

RRP: £39.99

Duration: 640 mins (approx.)

Stories included:
Talons of Weng~Chiang
Caves of Androzani
Doctor Who: The Movie

I split the three stories into different reviews, as one review would have included an enormous amount of info. You can read the reviews for the individual stories, and their extras, below:

The Talons of Weng~Chiang
The Caves of Androzani
Doctor Who: The Movie

It's difficult to know how to pitch this review, some people will buying the stories for the first time and, at under £30, that is unbeatable value. Seven discs of sheer Who~goodness! Even if you've got one of the stories then it's still an unquestionable purchase. But for those who have all the stories already? Do the extras amount to worth buying again? Perhaps, though I'm not totally convinced that the extra disc space has been put to its best use.


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