Saturday, September 11, 2010

Series 6 casting update

As Series 6 continues filming, some casting news has come to light. Episode Four, which was previously slated to be the Mark Gatiss story, is to star Emma Cunniffe (The Lakes) and Daniel Mays (Ashes To Ashes). This site, which also identifies a child actor in the cast (Jamie Oram, playing "a troubled young boy who has a nervous disposition"), states that the episode is currently filming which could suggest that it is, in fact, the Neil Gaiman episode. This site states it is titled, What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Thanks to Pseudo and Ruther on Gallifrey Base

ETA: This casting news refers to the Mark Gatiss episode, number nine in Series 6 which has now been named Night Terrors.


badblokebob said...

Aren't the Gatiss and Gaiman episodes in the same block? So it could well be the Gatiss episode filming right now.

Cameron McEwan said...

Yup, it's the same director doing them.

Anonymous said...

There goes various folks' hopes for a Daniel Mays Master (I assume)