Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whosicles T~Shirt

RIPT Apparel sells cool graphic tshirts and today has an amazing limited edition Doctor Who tee available. Titled Whosicles, it costs $10 and they ship worldwide - buy it HERE.

The tee is on sale until midnight central time tonight, September 16 in North America (6am GMT, Sep 17).

The perfect Christmas present for the Who fan in you life! (Or, indeed, just for yourself on any old day.)

Check out their archive for more designs


TJ said...

Thanks for the post! Keep up the good work

Jack Jack said...

That is made of AWESOMEZ!!!!!

Got one.

Canadian Trekker said...

Awesome!!! Just ordered one.

Anonymous said...

This shirt is in the draw for ressurection, please everyone, vote for it so I can get a chance to buy it!