Monday, October 18, 2010

"Death of the Doctor" promo pics

The BBC have issued promotional pictures of The Sarah Jane Adventures story, written by Russell T Davies, Death of The Doctor. Click on the images for bigger versions and read a preview of the episodes HERE. The pictures show the Shansheeth, Colonel Karim (played by Laila Rouass), Clyde (Daniel Anthony), Rani by (Anjli Mohindra) and Santiago (Finn Jones).

Death of The Doctor airs
Mon 25 & Tues 26 Oct on CBBC @ 5.15pm
Wed 27 & Thurs 28 Oct on BBC One @ 4.30pm

Thanks to BBC Pictures


Kitty Elvis said...

This looks awesome! I can't wait! When will we get to see this in the US?!

Anonymous said...

5736.0 Rassilon Era (002)
@ 22:45 U.T.C.
Happy New Year 5736.0
Fellow Gallifreyans!!
Would you believe that some people
do not include Alaska, Hawaii,
and The Commonwealths of
Mariana (CNMI), Puerto Rico,
and The District of Columbia,
and The Territories of
Guam, Marshal Islands, Palau, American Samoa (western Samoa),
Virgin Islands (w/o "BVI")
in their definition of "the US"!!
Makes me wonder about when
the rest of America
will see these episodes!!
I presume ALL of America
will see it on BBC America(??)
at the same time!!
BVI and Canada I don;t know.
Thank you and Allons-y!!
The Professor Dalen Rune.

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome!
In the picture with Clyde, has his hand got Artron energy on it again?