Thursday, November 11, 2010

Evacuation Earth - Preview

Included in the player above is a preview of the new Doctor Who Nintendo DS game, Evacuation Earth (Please excuse the quality of the image, tried filming it but it didn't work so well). The clip is the opening scene with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan providing the voices of The Doctor and Amy. Review HERE.

This is a collage of images from the game - not actual video footage


Anonymous said...

Watching that scene gave me the feeling of watching a reconstruction of a wiped 11th Doctor adventure! ;)

Anonymous said...

Why do these things not have Rory?

Anonymous said...

maybe next year, the second series of the adventure games may have Rory. Its so rude to not include Rory, I can relate to the boyfriends of the TARDIS. Since they are similar to the males watching the show while the female companions are in relation to the female viewers. The Doctor, is like the parents so something XD - wrong metaphor.