Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BBC Worldwide launch Classic Doctor Who channel on YouTube

BBC Worldwide will be launching a Classic Doctor Who channel on YouTube on 4th January. The new channel, featuring a mixture of classic clips and exclusive previews from forthcoming Doctor Who DVD releases, will appeal to existing fans and give new viewers an opportunity to sample some classic Doctor Who. The channel will complement the Twitter account @classicdw run by 2|entertain.

Classic Doctor Who will launch on YouTube with over 45 clips dating from the first episode, along with new Meglos clips and an exclusive clip previewing the new Meglos DVD boxset which will be released by 2|entertain on 10th January

The Channel is now live HERE


Anonymous said...

as cool as this is, there are already tonnes of clips online

wat would be better is if they posted up full episodes (dont even have to be the digitally remastered ones) they can say "look, heres the full episodes in vhs quality, buy the dvd to see it with alot better resolution" they would sell just as many (if not more) dvds and the fans without any money would have access to their who fix.

CGW said...

Now live at http://www.youtube.com/bbcclassicdoctorwho