Colin Baker joins Hyde Fundraisers event

On Saturday March 19th, Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor) joins Hyde Fundraisers for their special display event taking place between 10.30am til 4.30pm as part of the Cambridge Science Festival hosted by the university. Colin will be on hand to open the event and will be signing his official photographs during the day along with trying out the popular green~screen photo studio that will be on site to raise funds for Children In Need and other charities.

Hyde Fundraisers will be running their charity display on Saturday and Sunday which will also feature characters such as The Host, Smiler, Sycorax and Sec Hybrid along with sculpt demonstrations by member Ray Phillips. There will also be visits by Clockwork Droids, Judoon, Timelords and of course those evil pepperpots housing the remnants of the Kaled race along with their creator!

The display will be located in the Pitt Building
Donation admission of £2 Adults and £1 children

For further details visit:

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