Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DWO WhoCast #181 - available now!

The latest episode of The DWO Whocast featuring Cameron K McEwan, of Blogtor Who, and Tony Gallichan, the Flashing Blade Podcast, is now available now from iTunes HERE and from the official site, The DWO Whocast. Check out the details on No. 181 below.

Download The DWO WhoCast - Episode #181

Cam and Tony review The Ark on DVD along with a Monoid-based discussion.... PLUS there's another chance to win the K9 Vol.1 DVD.

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0ce5acca-450b-11e0-b1c0-000bcdca4d7a said...

This has nothing to do with the podcast, but has anyone ever told you that the fez wearing Doctor at the top right of your site looks a lot more like Gordon Ramsay than Matt Smith?