Tuesday, March 15, 2011

McCoy & McGann team up for new audio

Former Doctor Who actors Sylvester MCoy and Paul McGann are starring together in a new audio series called the Minister of Chance. Also starring are Jenny Agutter (Logan's Run) and Paul Darrow (Timelash). You can listen The Prologue now for free HERE 
and buy episode one from 17 March. Shadowlocked recently featured an interview with McCoy where he discusses the project - read that HERE.

Visit the Minister of Chance site

Thanks to Radio Static


Dri said...

Oh. I'm kinda touched. They're so lovely, I want a DW audio with both of them.

Farsighted said...

McGann is so hot! :D I'm embarrassed to say, he's amazingly good looking; would love to see him back as the Doctor. I just hope he shows up some way in the 50th anniversary.

Elden said...

Theres a few:

Zagreus (Though McCoy isn't the Doctor int)
Klein's Story (McGann is an AU Doctor)
The Four Doctors