Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Christopher Eccleston in "The Shadow Line"

The BBC have issued new promotional pictures of Christopher Eccleston, The Ninth Doctor, form his upcoming drama The Shadow Line. Read more about it HERE and click on the images below for bigger versions.

The Shadow Line Ep 1 airs 9pm, 5 May on BBC 2/HD

Thanks to BBC Pictures


powerjen51 said...

This is a stunning piece of drama. Not only is Christopher's darkest role but not since dramas such as "State of Play" and "Edge of Darkness" have been hooked.

I watched the premiere of the first episode at BAFTA on the 12th April and was absolutely staggered by the script and cast.

Anonymous said...

Everything is so "dark" anymore.
Harry Potter especially.
Thank you.
P.S.- It was David
that was on Harry Potter
not Chris.
The Professor Dalen Rune.