Thursday, April 21, 2011

David Tennant - BBC Breakfast interview

Actor David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor, was a guest on BBC Breakfast this morning promoting his new film, United - see his interview in the player above. You can see some promo pics from United HERE and read Blogtor's review HERE.

Watch his tribute to Elisabeth Sladen HERE.


Anonymous said...

Not a single word about Elisabeth Sladen?

nel said...

i thought i read somewhere he talked about elisabeth sladen as well? no? thanks for posting!

Jill Coleman said...

Yes, he gave a very heartfelt tribute to her. They interviewed him in two parts, around the news. There is another upload with the Lis comments

nel said...

ah, sorry, nevermind, just saw your other video post with his words about sarah jane. maybe you could link to it from this post and vice versa? thanks! This is far and away my fave Doctor Who site.

Cameron McEwan said...

I've now uploaded his tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.

Brogan Z. said...

Bit off topic, is David wearing a Secret Squirrel shirt?

Anonymous said...

David Tennant gave a very nice tribute to Elisabeth Sladen before the news at 9 o'clock then went on to speak about 'United' after the news. Thought it was a jumper with Secret Squirrel on it. He looked good and very relaxed. Always gives a pleasant interview without criticisms about other people or programmes.

Anonymous said...

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