Dr Who Facts from the Daily Mail

In a new series on the site*, Blogtor is taking time to study the Daily Mail and their slavish work ethics when it comes to getting a story just right. Take this one, published earlier today, Karen Gillan has a Steve McQueen moment fleeing the Nazis on the set of Dr Who (spoilers within). One quote suggests:
And with the season premiere a mere three days away, fans of the sci-fi series don't have long to wait.
At the end of the article (pictured above) the article states:
The next season of Doctor Who will premiere on April 8 on BBC3 with the first episode, The Hungry Earth.
Where to begin? Just how much did they manage to get wrong in the space of just one sentence? Well, it probably should read like this:
The next series of Doctor Who will premiere on April 23 on BBC One with the first episode, The Impossible Astronaut.
But well done to the Daily Mail for at least letting people know that The Hungry Earth is on this Friday. I have included a screengrab of the article above just in case someone at the "newspaper" notices...

The offending article has now been corrected.

* It's not