Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Impossible Astronaut - audio commentary

Starting today is the very first Blogtor Who episode commentary for tonight's installment, The Impossible Astronaut. This audio is designed to play along whilst watching the episode. You can download HERE or use the player below. Also available on iTunes HERE.

You will be prompted when to start the video during the commentary - it does not include the onscreen tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.


Anonymous said...

I can't download for use on an ipod!

Bill P. Godfrey said...

RSS feed at

Profanity Jones said...

This is bloody brilliant! Love the commentary and can't wait for the next ones. Brings a whole new level of enjoyment. Right, I'm off to look up the rules of the Doctor Who drinking game, but well done chaps. Seriously, well done.

Cameron McEwan said...



@Profanity Jones

Many thanks, much appreciated. So glad you enjoyed it!

jaala said...

"Time is the Doctor's oyster."

Good stuff. Thanks.

- Dr. Phill, Adventures in Time, Space and Music Podcast said...

Looking forward to these as I love your work with Tony Gallichan on the DWO WhoCast. Please make sure to submit the rss feed to iTunes so folks can get it straight to their mobile device. :^)

- Dr. Phill

Dr. Phillip Serna, Adventures in Time, Space and Music Podcast

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, great fun, and good to hear other views of the episode, can't wait to listen to the next one.

Cameron McEwan said...

My pleasure, hope you continue to enjoy them!