Saturday, April 2, 2011

March News Round~Up

As we hurtle towards the next series, news comes thick and fast. Here's a round~up of the news from last month. Read the February news round~up HERE.

BBC America trailer [video]
BBC One trailer [video]
The DWO WhoCast examines the UK trailer
The Impossible Astronaut - promo pics
The Impossible Astronaut - The Prequel [video]
BBC Teaser [video]

Matt Smith's appearance on Comic Relief [video]
Watch The Curse of Fatal Death [video]

Revisitations 2 on the DWO Whocast
Comic Relief eps on the DWO WhoCast
Twenty Twelve episode 1 [narrated by David Tennant]
Twenty Twelve episode 3 [narrated by David Tennant]
Twenty Twelve episode 4 [narrated by David Tennant]
The Crimson Petal and the White Episode 1

Mannequin Mania - DVD boxset artwork & details
Revisitations 2 - individual DVD sleeve art
Shada - The Novelisation
Classic Novels republished

Dr. Who reference on Community [video]
Doctor Who and the Autism Spectrum book project
Mark Gatiss in The Crimson Petal and the White Colin Baker in Doctors
Hugh Bonneville on The One Show [video]
Matt Smith interview on Graham Norton show
Freema Agyeman on The Alan Titchmarsh Show [video]

Episode 186 - breakdown of the Series 6 trailer
Episode 185 - Revisitations 2 DVD boxset review
Episode 184 - Comic Relief eps/A Christmas Carol soundtrack reviews
Episode 183 - 2 in 1 author interviews and review of The Gemini Contagion

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