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This May, AudioGO are releasing two new Doctor Who audios. Firstly, there's an original adventure starring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. Written specially for audio by James Goss, The Hounds of Artemis is read by Matt Smith as the Doctor and Clare Corbett as Helen Stapleton, and features original music and sound design. It's available on May 5 on CD and download (CD SRP: £9.25/Download: £6.79). Synopsis below:
The Doctor and Amy visit Smyrna, 1929, in order to investigate a mystery. The Doctor knows that something very bad happened there: something that caused a lot of people to die and an entire, magnificent Temple to be found and then immediately lost again. But he doesn't know what is picking off the archaeologists one by one, or how it is connected to the terrifying howling in the night. And as he and Amy get closer to the terrible truth behind an ancient evil, he begins to wish he'd never found out…
Secondly, there's the audiobook version of the classic Tom Baker story The Stones of Blood Synopsis below: read Susan Engel, who played Vivien Fay in the 1978 story, with John Leeson as the voice of K9. It's available on May 5 on 4 CDs and download (CD SRP: £13.25/Download: £12.29). Synopsis below:
When the Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive on Bodcombe Moor in 20th Century Dorset, they find themselves confronted by a huge, ancient stone circle. On meeting the elderly Professor Rumford and her friend Vivien Fay, they learn the chequered history of the stones, and of the inhabitants of the nearby manor house – currently one Leonard de Vries, leader of a druidic sect. But all is not as it seems, and soon the Doctor and his companions are enmeshed in a deadly web of deceit. Powerful creatures rampage across the moor, and the nature of a long family line is called into question. Romana is trapped by a cunning enemy, and time is running out for the Doctor and K9...

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