Monday, April 4, 2011

Site Update

Keen~eyed Blog~a~trons would have noticed some changes to the site recently (well, actually, they started after last year's Christmas Special). Over to the right you'll find a new section for Series 6 stuff; split, as usual, into single episodes. At the moment it only includes the first half though you can find some news about the second half by clicking on Series 6 or by using the Search Box, just above.

Also, now that the press showing of the opening story is about to take place, any SPOILERS posted will be done so with a warning. So feel free to visit without the fear of finding out that Paul McGann is returning as a regenerated Auton clone of River Song (also known as The Rani).*


* This, for those a bit slow~witted, is of course a "joke." He is, of course, returning as The Master.


Alex087 said...

Hey, just been to the press launch of the opening episodes and thought I'd let you know that Steven revealed that the title of episode 7 is in fact 'A Good Man Goes To War' as opposed to 'Demon's Run' :)


Cameron McEwan said...

Many thanks Alex,much appreciated.

I'll get that changed.