Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Almost People - Trailer & Clips [SPOILERS]

The BBC have issued a trailer and two clips from the next episode, The Almost People - see them in the players included here. PLEASE NOTE: These include SPOILERS from The Rebel Flesh. Come back at 00.01 for new promo pictures from the episode.

The Rebel Flesh audio commentary
The Rebel Flesh episode section


Anonymous said...

doesn't he look ghastly.

!!!Caf-Pow!!! said...

Ganger!Doctor makes me squee and gives me •slight• heebeegeebies in excitement.
The face!
And the eyes!
Blue silver...
It was so...creepy but AWESOME at the same time!
It's like... It's a feeling that doesn't seem to have a name to describe it...
Such awesomeness.
Cannot WAIT for Saturday!