Friday, May 20, 2011

"Doctor-Hoo" Tee from Threadless

Threadless, the online apparel store, have an amazing Doctor Who T~Shirt available - see the images included here for the artwork. Titled Doctor-Hoo, it features all the Doctors in the form of owls. It's available in both girls and boys sizes and is only $20.


Anonymous said...'s $20, not $12.

who-in-whoville said...

Very, VERY clever! Love these.

sassypackrat said...

LOVE it but I'd prefer it as an art print.

Val Woodhouse said...

I've already listed the original as a favourite on DeviantArt:

A lot of people are asking for it as a print (which is a service they offer on there) so if you want to request it then it might just happen one day!

Stephanie J said...

YAYAYAYAY! I missed it the first time! Just purchased one for myself and my Little Whovian (it'll be huge on her but they didn't reprint kiddo sizes...)