Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Rebel Flesh - Audio Commentary

Continuing the new Blogtor Who series is the episode commentary for Series 6 Episode 5, The Rebel Flesh. Watch the "highlights" of the first two episodes in the player above. The commentaries are available to subscribe to on iTunes HERE and you can also download it HERE or use the player below.


The Doctor's Wife audio commentary
The Curse of the Black Spot audio commentary
Day of the Moon audio commentary
The Impossible Astronaut audio commentary


Anonymous said...

Love the commentary advert, really enjoying them.

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks anonymous!

gareth said...

Really liked all of them so far - this morning in Sainsbury's I proper LOL'd at the name Jean Paul Party Pants and vow to use that from this day forward.

Cameron McEwan said...

Cheers Gareth.

I like the idea of people LOLing at our silly antics!