Sunday, May 8, 2011

REVIEW: The Doctor's Wife [SPOILER~FREE]

Blogtor has posted a review of the next episode, The Doctor's Wife over at Cult Box - read it HERE. Come back at 00.01 for more promotional pictures from the Neil Gaiman story.

The Doctor's Wife - 10 Hints
The Doctor's Wife - 10 Teasers
The Doctor's Wife - 2 clips
The Doctor's Wife - introduction
The Doctor's Wife - 'Next Time' trail
The Doctor's Wife - promotional pictures


John Doyle said...

Dearest Blogtor, next time you write a review like this one, please do us the courtesy of including a time portal to take us to the day of broadcast. A time ring would suffice. Hell, I'd even take a SIDRAT after reading that.

Thank you.

eve11 said...

@John Doyle I totally agree. My fandom brain is going full throttle anticipation right now. It's very distracting! In some ways it's nice that we're getting sneak peak spoiler free reviews earlier this run (iirc they didn't come out until like, wednesday, last season?) but in some other ways it means I'm now useless for an extra two days. *sighs*

What does "come back at 00.01 to see new pictures" mean? Midnight? 1pm GMT? I wanna see more pics!