The Blogtor Who Commentaries

Now that the first half of Series 6 has come to an end, it's time to go back and re~visit the episodes repeatedly until the appearance of Let's Kill Hitler. And what better way to do it than listening along with the Blogtor Who audio commentaries! So far, many of you have been enjoying them with an average download of 6,000 for each installment - thanks for all your kind words and support.

They have been recorded by Blogtor founder Cameron K McEwan and your average, everyday fan Alexander J McKinnon (no relation) and are not to be taken too seriously.... You can also get them on iTunes HERE. Check out the "highlights" of the first two episodes in the player above and follow the links below to each episode.

The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon
The Curse of the Black Spot
The Doctor's Wife
The Rebel Flesh
The Almost People
A Good Man Goes To War

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