Friday, July 29, 2011

Doctor Who references on "Futurama"


US animated sci~fi show Futurama included some references to Doctor Who in its most recent episode All The Presidents' Heads - see a clip of the TARDIS in the player above and some pics of Amelia Pond and Owen Harper (from Torchwood) below (click on them for bigger versions). It is due to air in the UK later this year. Read Blogtor's review of the episode HERE.

Thanks to Grimwade's Syndrome and Tylertas for
alerting me to the Amelia Pond "Head in a Jar"
and to Gavin Winters for the Owen Harper pic
Who reference on Community
Dalek on Four Rooms
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Criminal Minds discusses Who
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Grimwade's Syndrome said...

In the same episode, in the Hall of Presidents' Heads, during the party, one of the heads is labeled, "Amelia Pond."

Nenya said...

Which Doctor is it? The Fifth?

Anonymous said...

Long scarf = 4th Doctor (Tom Baker).

Anonymous said...

I also saw "Rhys", but coulda been anyone.

Anonymous said...

Rhys is a character from Torchwood...

Anonymous said...

Which is a spinoff of doctor who