Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Series 6, Part 2 trailer podcast

The Blogtor Who Commentaries continue BUT this time we discuss the trailer for Doctor Who Series 6, Part 2 and all its delicious ramifications. PLEASE USE the Series Part 2 trailer breakdown as reference. You can subscribe on iTunes HERE and download it directly HERE or use the player below.


Series Part 2 trailer breakdown
The God Complex - clip
Series 6, Part 2 Trailer
The Blogtor Who Commentaries
The Adventures of Steve Silent & Jimmy Big Hands - Episode One

1 comment:

Rosefern said...

wha? first comment?! ..cool
I'm excited for your next slew of commentaries for S6 part 2. You guys are so random and funny and it's nice to listen to other's jokes about my (our) favorite show!

(and I think he should be Victor the Viking. or Trevor.)