Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sun Makers - DVD artwork

2|entertain have released the DVD artwork for The Sun Makers. The title is released on August 1 and has an RRP of £20.42. Check out the extras below:

• Commentary with actors Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and Michael Keating, director Pennant Roberts.

Running from the Tax Man: a retrospective look at the making of the story and the science behind it. With actors Louise Jameson and Michael Keating, director Pennant Roberts, writer and historian Dominic Sandbrook and astronomer Marek Kukula.

• Outtakes

• Trailer: the original BBC1 trailer for the story.

The Doctor’s Composer – Part Two: the concluding part of the series looking at the career of prolific composer Dudley Simpson, covering his work on the show in the seventies.

• Photo Gallery: production, design and publicity photos from the story.

• Coming Soon: a trailer for the Day of the Daleks Special Edition DVD.

• Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.

• Programme subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes

Thanks to 2|entertain


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Jonathan said...

I usually like the DVD covers, but this one seems very lacklustre.