Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Kill Hitler - 12 Quotes

Not long until Let's Kill Hitler airs on Saturday Aug 27 (UK, US and Canada whilst Australia gets a Sep 3 broadcast). In the meantime, check out twelve pieces of dialogue from the episode. Check out some teasers HERE and a spoiler~free review HERE. Come back on Tuesday at 00.01 for some new promo pics.
Now loop the loop.

Doctor very lost.

I've been hiding for hours.

Anyone can tell it was a clever lie!

Prepare for tesselation.

We need to go later in his time~stream.

You see? Time travel, never goes to plan.

That blue box? We've got a match.

Let's get married.

Took me years to find you two.

Demon's Run, remember?

I'm not Amelia Pond.

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1 comment:

rebecca said...

this is who i think says each

1. doctor
2 mels or amy
3 river amy or doctor
4 doctor or river
5 antibots or antibot amy
6 doctor or river
7 same as 6
8 hitler or mels
9 river or amelia or young rory
10 doctor or river
11 river rory amy or the doctor
12 antibot amy