Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's Kill Hitler - 12 Teasers

Let's Kill Hitler is but only a week away and Blogtor has some teasers for you to salivate over the next seven days. Read the spoiler~free review HERE and listen to the podcast special where we discuss this week's BFI screening of the episode HERE.

The Doctor crops up in the most oddest of places.

Looks like the TARDIS gets some mail.

A 1982 Prince song almost hits The Doctor.

River Song and The Doctor's relationship is tied up in a bow.

Someone does an impersonation of The Terminator.

Rory is not gay whilst Hitler is definitely in the closet.

Is that a banana in your pocket?

The Vampires of Venice is mentioned at a crucial moment by The Doctor.

Other people know about The Doctor's death~day.

Hitler isn't the only person someone wants to kill.

A film referenced in The Impossible Astronaut is referenced again. Twice.

The words "the Silence" are visibly apparent.

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blinkety said...

I assume Doctor faces down a Little Red Corvette... Since the horror of an encounter with The Rasberry Beret is FAR too much for a family show, even with Moffat at the helm!

Anonymous said...

"most oddest"? The grammar here is getting worse!

rebecca said...

what film was refrenced in the iposable astornaght

NYHoundLady said...

Rebecca, the movies Frost/Nixon and The Graduate were both referenced, though neither by name.

NYHoundLady said...

Stupid me! Only The Graduate was referenced in TIA Frost/Nixon was DotM.

Anonymous said...

Does the Doctor's appearance in the Laurel & Hardy film count as a reference in TIA? It was my first thought, especially since in this episode they'll be in the 1930s.

Janarchy said...

So we will see the return of Moffat's Banana agenda?

Twirly McSwirl said...

Good source of potassium!