Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Kill Hitler - 2 clips

The official site has updated with two new clips from Doctor Who Series 6, Episode 8, Let's Kill Hitler - watch them in the players included. Read Blogtor's spoiler~free review HERE. The episode airs on BBC One/HD at 7.10pm on Aug 27 (and on the same day in the US and Canada).

REVIEW: Let's Kill Hitler [SPOILER~FREE]
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The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I look foreward to it!

richardwatts said...

Trapped inside a robot replica of Amy? Sounds fantastic! And who was that other woman who came out of the TARDIS in the first clip?!

rebecca said...

a ex con friend of amys called mels

Anonymous said...

the person that came out of the tardis was martha jones also rose and donna are coming back aswell

Anonymous said...

Only if MArtha's been played by a different actress, and called by a different name and is a different character. Oh well.

madhatta said...

The man on the floor in the second clip is an alien spaceship filled with tiny men sent to kill Hitler? That's just... absolutely EPIC!

Anonymous said...

Rose and Donna are NOT coming back, thank god.