Friday, August 19, 2011

October DVD releases

DVD producers 2|entertain have announced dates for their Doctor Who related releases in October, check them out below. More details to follow when we get them.

Oct 3:
Colony in Space

Oct 10:
Doctor Who Series 6, Part 2

Oct 31:
The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4

Thanks to 2|entertain
Colony In Space DVD artwork & details
Series 6: Part 1 DVD artwork
Blogtor's Guide to Series 6, Part 2
Series 6, Part 1 on DVD & Bluray in the US
Elisabeth Sladen tributes
The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 section
Elisabeth Sladen: 1948-2011


Anonymous said...

That's earlier expected for Season 6 Part 2. But when are they announcing the full-season set? Unless Part 2 is loaded down with extras, we're still owed a set that includes video diaries and Confidential Cutdowns.

Aude_Brownies said...

Me too... I'd really interested if there has been a release of Complete series 6 Boxset... Have you heard about that?