Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 5 audio commentary

The Blogtor Who Commentaries continue and included here is an audio commentary for Episode Five of Torchwood: Miracle Day. This audio is designed to play along whilst watching the episode. You can subscribe on iTunes HERE and download it directly HERE or use the player below.


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Anonymous said...

Love the commentaries, but a note for you and Sandy regarding using the nickname NappyPatch (or NappyRash, or NappyPants) ... I know that to you, "nappy" means a diaper, but you should be aware that in North America, the word is more often used to describe the very tightly curled hair of people of African descent. For that reason, using it to refer to Rex could be construed as insensitive, and you might want to stick to Rexatron.

Jackie from Vancouver

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks Jackie,

Sadly, the next commentary (Ep 6) has been completed and I'm pretty sure we talk about his nappy.

I'll mention on a future show what you've pointed out.

Thanks again,

NerdyBaker said...

I am pretty sure that the "Cardiff" airport in this episode was actually the old terminal at the LA/Ontario International Airport in Southern California. I grew up going to that airport often, I left for college from that airport, that old part of the airport has been used in other films also like "Catch Me If You Can." I know they filmed all around here so I wouldn't doubt it.