Monday, August 1, 2011

University Challenge - Who music round

UK "quiz" show University Challenge featured a music round based on the Murray Gold compositions of the new series - watch it in the player below. Oddly enough, there was Doctor Who music round just under a year ago on the same show - watch it HERE.

University Challenge - Dr. Who questions
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Doctor Who on Only Connect
Have I Got News For You? discusses the Daleks
REVIEW: The Specials Soundtrack
Dalek on Four Rooms


Friar said...

2)It's Donna! Donna! DONNA!
Is it... Amy Pond?
3)Oh, that's easy. It's the Master. They'll get this one.
Is it... Rose Tyler?


Bummy said...

I got them all, my Dad got none. I was disappointed with the University people. :L

Anonymous said...

Was anybody else yelling/screaming at their computer during this? lol. Well, we now know which guys don't watch Doctor Who. XD

Anonymous said...

I love how huffy Paxman is when they don't get it. "No, that's THE MASTER!"

Andrew Myers said...

A case of being too bookwormish and not indulging in pop culture. I got each one after the first two notes!

Jonathan said...

It's hardly surprising that on a Doctor Who fansite, we can all get these questions right within a couple of notes, but how many of the questions on Platinum group metals, deaths of Roman Emperors or comparative areas of foreign countries could you have answered?