Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Visions From Behind The Sofa: Doctor Who

Taking place on Doctor Who's 48th anniversary this year is an exciting event at the University of Hertfordshire. Visions From Behind The Sofa: Doctor Who is a special symposium about the show, its history, the mythology and its enduring appeal.

This one day event on November 23rd will feature guest speakers including people who have worked on the show (in front of and behind the camera), journalists, writers and academics. At the time of writing, Blogtor will be involved with this event and we'll keep you up~to~date on the guests, etc...

You can read more about Visions From Behind The Sofa: Doctor Who, including the topics for discussion and ticket price, on their website HERE.

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Tom Greeves said...

This is not too far away from me! So I have just booked the day off so I can go!