Friday, October 7, 2011

Who references on Grey's Anatomy


Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Season 8 Episode 4, included numerous references to Doctor Who featuring a TARDIS, a Dalek Girl and a mention of Russell T Davies. Watch the clips in the player above.

Who reference on Criminal Minds
Series 6 - What Did YOU Think?
Cyberman & Yeti footage on Newsround
Points of View - Who feedback
Doctor Who reference on Community
Series 6 Audio Commentaries


Douglas Barrie said...

What was happening in this episode, a violent comic con?!

Anonymous said...

It was a fictional Con. It would have been great had it aired the same time as Comic Con.

My wife and I watch this anyway so it was cool to have DW integrated into the show a little bit :)

$7500 for a Series 5 Flight Control TARDIS though? That is very doubtful. They only cost about £30. RTD's signature is NOT worth that much haha. Besides that it was a fun, believable episode. If it was the Tennant FC TARDIS in the old style packaging I might have believed it a bit more lol. I live out here in America and I already own 3 FC TARDISes lol. I wouldn't have rushed in there for RTD's signature, that's for sure.

jeymien said...

I don't think that was Dalek girl.. he was talking Dothraki princess - from Game of Thrones.

Cameron McEwan said...

In the background, there is a girl dressed as a blue Dalek.

Check out 17-19 secs, for example.

awkward91 said...

What the hell is this crap?!

Brooke said...

So many DW references in mainstream US TV this week! Supernatural just had one this week, too! (One of the characters alias' was Amy Pond...)