Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways - What Did YOU Think?

Dec 10 sees the release of the Blogtor Who audio commentaries for the 2005 finale, Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways. We are looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the episode for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment below or email us HERE.

ETA: The commentaries have now been recorded, thanks for all the comments!


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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these episodes for several reasons. First, the Dalek invasion is absolutely epic, then Rose's trip home is extremely emotional. Finding out who the Bad Wolf is after a whole season of subtle hints is great, and Rose's speech to end the invasion is amazing. Then of course, my favorite, David Tennant is introduced at the end :)

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks Anon but can you please leave a name for us?

Gee T. said...

Setting these episodes on Satellite 5 gave more of a point to The Long Game episode than it ever did as a stand alone story. Plus they probably saved a few quid on not building new sets so they could afford more than one Dalek this time. Thought the whole future TV Show formats thing really dated it, haven't we already forgotten about half those shows and moved on? There's no Anne Robinson/Trinnie & Susannah etc on TV today, I fear for the future if they're having a 2005 revival in the year 200,000.

The finale sailed by at decent pace, gave us plenty of explosions and shouting, followed by a nice payoff after a series of Bad Wolf teases with Rose getting all "Tardisy". At the time, when Christopher Eccleston left the show I thought it was a shame as it was starting to find it's feat. Perhaps getting a new Doctor after only 1 series would keep things fresh, maybe?, but to be honest, since you guys started doing this Blogcast I've now re-watched most of Series 2 and found a lot of the Tennant Eps rather flatter than I'd remembered..., time, eh?, it's a funny old game.

Anthony Peterson said...

These final 2 eps of series 1 really got my jaw dropping with the possibilities being explored by new Who. The return to Satellite Five (now the Gamestation) is a lovely nod to the Nerva arc (see what I did there?) from 1974/5. I LOVE the way we are just thrust right into the Dr's plight, and his reaction to being in the BB house is joy. (For us the viewer, that is - not for him.) Slowly the mystery of what is going on unravels, and we get the shocking "death" of Rose - but then our hearts collectively soar as the Dr finds out she's alive! And his final brilliant kick-ass speech to the Daleks...just breathtaking. Pt 2 to follow.

Anthony Peterson said...

Comment Pt 2. The Parting of The Ways. What can I say, but I'll skip all the Lynda rubbish and get to the Dr's mexican standoff. Chris E beautifully captures the Dr's bravado AND vulnerability here; once, in his 7th incarnation, he wiped out both the Daleks AND their entire solar system without a qualm. Now, with loved ones at stake, he can do no more than back down. The Vortex Rose was a lot better back then before we had the reset button plot device ad nauseam, but it does at least sum up the primal love that this humble earth girl has for her time-space Svengali. Then Chris E bows out with a wonderful & fine speech, and Mr David Tennant enters in fine style.

Hannah Derbyshire said...

Brilliant... In the end. I remember first watching this all those years ago and thinking (of the first half) that  this was nowhere near as exciting or climactic as I expected a finale to be. The game show parts were certainly fun, though they definitely haven't aged well!

All was forgiven, however, as the second part arrived.  Though the Bad Wolf arc wasn't as complex as those we're seeing with SteeMo at the moment, it was beautifully simple. 

The scene with Rose, the time vortex and the doctor sacrificing himself is one of my favourite of the series. Lovely.

 I'm a little sadder than I was back then to see CE go, but his exit really didn't get me the way DTs does (oops, spoilers!).

Douglas Barrie said...

Althought it's the start of the cliche endings (a regular foe with the scale upped a bit), it's actually a very good double-bill that works well as a finale.

I don't think the Bad Wolf thing is fully paid off, but the return of Satellite 5 coupled with the updated version of the Dalek Emporer adds something not just to this particular series, but the whole show.

Also fitting that the Daleks are part of the regeneration story, given that not many viewers will have witnessed a regeneration scene - but everyone knows what the Daleks are.