Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moffat and Smith 5Live interview

Current Doctor Who, Matt Smith, and the show's head writer, Steven Moffat, were guests of Richard Bacon on BBC 5Live earlier today. Watch their interview, as recorded by the studio's webcam in the players included here. PLEASE NOTE: In the first part, the video and audio are NOT synced due to "technical" issues (the issue being I wasn't aware they had a webcam!)

Part 2 includes discussion about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in 2013 and also features an audio clip from The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe. Part 3 also includes an audio clip from the Christmas Special.


Marie Parsons said...

Marvelous interviews. Loved all the humor and the love for the whole entity that is Doctor Who. Sheer brilliance and whimsy there.

Marie Parsons said...

Ok I post another one ;)

Love the connection to JFK and Dallas (being American who was just a kid then--yes, not vain.)

Loved how The Doctor must be real and so cannot meet the fictional character.