10 Actresses Who Should Be The Next Companion

Yup, it's already that time of year when boredom has set in and lists have started pouring out. With the news that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are leaving Doctor Who, there's gonna be a companion~sized hole in the TARDIS very soon. Below is a list of actresses who Blogtor thinks would assist Matt Smith excellently in Series 7. Feel free to comment below...

If you're not aware of Gråbøl, she is the jumper (or "sweater") wearing detective Sarah Lund from the Danish series, The Killing. Now, those of you afeared of foreigners shouldn't worry, she can speak English (though the TARDIS would just translate anyway if she chose to Dane all over the place). Lund popped up in Absolutely Fabulous over Christmas so she's not averse to the BBC. Blogtor envisions her as an overworked, but sexy, scientist who lets Doctor Who whisk her away...

Despite having appeared in the blummin' awful The Deep, Thomas displayed some fine actoring over three series in E4's Misfits - a show that once rivaled Doctor Who in quality (once). It's been announced that she's not returning for a fourth series (rats, sinking ship, etc..) so the actress is perhaps looking for another gig. And this time, she'll be able to keep her clothes on. Thomas would be ideal as a bored sandwich shop assistant, looking for excitement...

Without wanting to use words such as "Phwoar", "Corr" and "Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children?", Pulver is perhaps known to some of you for her role as Irene Adler in this year's trouser~tightening Sherlock opener. So her BBC Wales/SteeMo connection has been made. Tick. We can forgive her for starring in Robin Hood (bless) as long she brings the whip to match The Doctor's Sonic. Definitely a Doctor who indulges in her own medicine...

Having made her name in C4's slightly racey Sugar Rush (which also starred Gridlock's Lenora Crichlow, fact fans), Hallinan has darted about with various interesting choices becoming most well~known for the BBC series, Lark Rise to Candleford. The young minx also popped up in one of my favourite Torchwood episodes, Out of Time, so she's not unknown to the world of BBC Wales. Perfect for futuristic farm fillie with a flavour for flight (of a time~traveling variety)...

Ok, so she's already appeared in Doctor Who and died (oops, spoiler). Or did she? With SteeMo at the helm death is not the end. Regardless, as Rita in The God Complex she seemed like the perfect companion, with even The Doctor wanting to "hire " her for his TARDIS chum. Karan definitely has charm and skills; reprising Rita would most assuredly be the best bet for her.

Another role reprisal I'd lurve to see is Lily from The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe. Earl's scenes with Matt were an absolute delight and, for me, were the best moments from the Christmas Special. Seeing The Doctor with a much younger companion brought a new dimension, a new chemistry to the show; furthering my belief that Matt works at his very best with "kids" (though the actress is actually nineteen).

Long shot? I think not. With the pull of BBC America, surely a North American companion is but episodes away? Her own series New Girl, though received well, isn't performing as well as it might in the ratings so Deschanel may well be looking for a more permanent gig. We see her as a girl (kooky, obviously), sitting on a platform having missed her train, waiting for a better life...

Way to upset Doctor Who fans Blogtor! Having sat in a room with the actress, it is quite clear she is going to be in the show at some point. To be honest, however, I don't think as a companion. Miranda has too much on her plate at the moment to commit to such a schedule, so probably just a guest role. Anyway, I would lurve to see her in the TARDIS whatever the part. Hart would be an excellent novelty shop owner who is bored and looking for love (preferably from a Doctor who has already appeared in the show*)...

I've been a fan of the Rise~a~tron, as no one calls her (not even me) ever since I watched BBC Two's Party Animals back in 2007. Oddly enough, it also starred a little guy called Matt Smith (who, at the time, I mentioned could be a future Doctor Who). But it was The Devil's Whore (along with John Simm) that people began to take note of the Rise~a~nator. For me, she was sublime as Margaret Thatcher in the amazing, The Long Walk to Finchley (check it out if you can). She's a bit too "big" for telly now as she's performing in movie after movie but, still, perfect for a regenerated Jenny...

As you can perhaps tell, I lurve funny woman. And Parky is FUNNEEEE! And that voice. Hhmmm, voice. Anyway, enough of my lustful ramblings, the actress has been all over telly from TV's favourite Doctor, Doc Martin on ITV1 to The Old Guys on BBC One to the lamentable Whites on BBC Two and to her crowning glory, The IT Crowd on C4. She's popped up rather wonderfully in the Sherlock Series 2 finale so one wonders if SteeMo has his casting cap on? Her role - cleaner on a Space Station who turns out to be River Song's half sister (on The Doctor's side)...
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